Programme des danses enseignées  2023/2024

Les chorégraphies se trouvent dans la rubrique "Chorégraphies par Niveau" sur le bandeau de droite


Me & You - S. Fillion

Lookin Out - Gianni Valassi

Little Wagon Wheel - Gaye Teather

Folsom Prison Blues - Lesley Stewart

Sweet & Texas - S. Fillion

Never Drinking Again - Lee Hamilton

Stand By Me - R. Sarlemijn - Roy Verdonk

I Still Fall For You - Darren Bailey


Enjoy The Night - A. Robak & G. Hopin

Our Cotton Fields - Guadalupe Morillo

Sicilia - S. Fillion - C. Durand

Fast Car - F. Guillon & MacAdam Cowboy

New York Girls - Agnès Gauthier

Dust To Dust - Darren Bailey

White Poppy - MC Gil - S. Fillion - A. Gauthier - R. Fowler

To Get A Girl - Rob Fowler

Country Nights - M. Gallagher

Honky Tonk Minute - S. Fillion

Texas Hold Em - Ghylaine Bourdages

Tippin It Up - Gary O'Reilly

First Meeting - Stephano Civa - 

David Lecaillon

Dance of A Lifetime - R. Fowler


Little Bit Of Love - A. Marraffa

Come My Way - S. Fillion - C. Durand - G. Roussel

Some Bright Morning - Harold Grimshaw

Ma Petite Robe Noire - Nathalie Cathala

Up To Country - TDF Sabine

Ho Hey My Hope Song - Magali Chabret

The Difference - A. Gauthier - A. Marraffa

Around The Fire - C.Durand - K. Sala - G. Richard - D. Bailey

Ghosted - Niels Poulsen

Shut Up - S.Denise Staiti & Gianmarco Johnny Rossato (fiche voir intermédiaire avancé) 

Till You Can't - Gary O'Reilly

Irish Bowing - S. Fillion

Palomino - Bruno Morel

3 Tequila Floor - M. Glover & Jo Szymanski

This Ain't Texas - Philip Gene Sobrielo

Can't Pass The Bar - D. Bailey